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Don’t Get Locked Into A Specific Number of Words for your posts

You can often get away with ~400-1000 words for:⁣⁣⁣

  • Narrow intent keywords (like “temperature to cook chicken”)⁣⁣
  • Posts summarizing a video⁣⁣ Questions that don’t need a lot of context⁣⁣  
  • A single product that requires very little education

We’ve found blog posts between 1200-2000 words are sufficient for covering most keywords:⁣⁣

  • “How-to” articles⁣⁣
  • Educational topics (not necessarily education, but any topic that allows you to educate a reader)⁣⁣  
  • Product reviews
  • Most editorial pieces⁣⁣

I generally look at the 2-3 lowest authority posts that are ranking (low DR and few links to the post), and let that inform my decision.



Twitter is an amazing SEO resource. These are other recaps of answers to common SEO questions or challenges I see floating around the twitterverse, to quickly vanish. Here’s are some recent #seobits I’ve created to capture these ephemeral threads for future reference.

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