We start our process by taking your keyword and seeing who currently ranks for that term. We then query all of the keywords that URL ranks for and pull it into the sheet. The “Overlap” (in the first column) then tells you how many of those URLs also rank for that term. 



Use Overlap To Filter Out Brand Terms OR For good “Longtail Terms”


If you’re running keywords then you likely will get 1 off keywords in the top ranking that match just ONE of those urls. These terms could be then brand specific terms or they could hold “longtail” keywords that just 1 URL captured




Filter the keywords to sort by highest overlap to find highly relevant keywords 

Obviously them if several urls ranking for a current term also rank for additional terms, then Google likely finds them strongly related. So sorting by overlap can help sort the phrases by those that are most relevant (But obviously also have more competition.


Projections and their uses


Projections per position: We mirror the Organic Click through rate study here: https://www.advancedwebranking.com/ctrstudy/  so you’re not just using “Monthly Volume” as your gauge of opportunity – but looking “into the future” to see how many visitors you could get from that volume.


But why stop there? Next you see the conversions you could grab by ranking for a term. We then multiply that by your actual close/sale rate and revenue per sale because at the END of the day your clients want to see the REVENUE! 


SEO Action items To Handle Once You Have Your Keyword Research Report


  • Filter out the keywords you don’t want, and send the remaining keywords as a forecast to a client showing just how much return they’d get on their investment of time/energy/budget in SEO.
  • You could also use it to convince a CEO or manager in your  in-house position to get more time or budget allocated to SEO.
  • Of course, if it’s for your own project you can then put it into practice and know just how much you can make from your efforts.
  • Review high value keywords and ensure they’re used on-page in headers, text, image file names, image alt text and internal links.
  • While working with your link building process aim to acquire links that have the highest value anchor text if genuinely possible in an organic manner.



Have fun with your keyword forecast, and be sure to drop a line if you have suggestions, enhancements you’d like to request!