There are several unique ways that you could use a keyword forecast report depending on your current position and your in-house SEO role in the optimization of your website.

In-House SEO: Justify Your Quarterly SEO Budget Increase

Our seo forecasting tool takes a set of related keywords and applies a reasonable organic click through rate which approximates how much traffic you could acquire if you were in the SERP at the bottom or top of the page. As you can see in the table above, we take that approximation to it’s logical end goal: Revenue.

By pushing that traffic through a conversion rate, and asking how many of those leads actually convert we can arrive at an general valuation of this marketplace of keywords on a monthly basis as well as an annual market potential. This is analyzing the SERP and keyword data from the BI (Business Inteligence) perspective that your marketing director, CEO or CFO is likely already using in their quarterly business plan.

A Reasonable Forecast Model

The estimation above is leavened with caution of course, because at it’s most generous estimation it’s just taking the AVERAGE organic click through rate of the top 3 ranking positions, and assuming you could get HALF of the included keywords to rank in that range.

How you get there isn’t up to us, but we’re sure that you will likely need more time and resources allocated, and to argue for that allotment of budget to your team, you have to prove the market potential of SEO to the “powers that be” and this report is a fantastic tool in your arsenal to do just that.

Taking The Next Steps With The Report Data

We strongly suggest that you make a copy of the report that’s generated, and spend some time applying your own “Quality Scores” to each keyword, so you can weed out those keywords that are mismatched, competitor phrases, out of reach or out of sync with your target audience.

Once that’s done, you can start grouping the keywords together by the “intent” behind those searches so you can draft content that appropriately targets that audience where they are “in the funnel” so you can get more of them “to the bottom” where they turn into paying users.

Making Decisions based on Search Data

Instead of making an emotional argument to a business to get budget to build your SEO team, for link building or content creation, you can take your C-Suite team a detailed analysis of the market potential along with your own custom-crafted SEO plan to capture a bigger share of that market. This type of approach will back-up your argument for resources with a rich set of data that you can then turn directly into action items.

Since our tool is just $20 a month for unlimited forecasts, you can research all of those potential niche terms and find the right targets to get the best ROI.

“in-house SEOs, what methods, strategies and tactics do you employ to argue for additional budget, access to SEO tools or additional staff to accomplish your SEO objectives?

Leverage past performance and wins. Pitch the traffic and revenue you're going to get, how you get it, the cost. Geoff Kenyon
“Leverage past performance and wins. Pitch the traffic and revenue you’re going to get, how you get it, the cost.” Geoff Kenyon, VP of Growth at SingleCare