Hey, it’s a paid keyword research service so I’m sure you want to make sure you’re going to get your money’s worth and actually save time doing your keyword research. I’m confident that once you see our sample SEMRUSH alternative keyword research that you’ll order one for your own site ASAP. When you create a forecast you get ALL the data you need to communicate with your client about content strategy, or pass on useful insights to your content writer.

If you’re an agency or freelancer, then you can whitelabel our Google Sheet deliverable in seconds, and bring the value of our keyword research to your clients.

We’ve pre-loaded our accounts with three samples, showing how changes in your estimation of conversion rate (signups for forms, calls, chats, add to cart or purchases) impacts your estimates. “Sale rate” is a modifier for leads, because not everyone buys! Using a rough estimation of 25% would mean 1 in 4 calls/leads buys a product/service.
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