Seriously? just $30? For Keyword Research? What’s the catch?

We have a dream. Fantastic SEO software that makes it simple to predict the impact of your hard SEO efforts. We know that it would take hours and a subscription to at least one keyword research platform to duplicate our report.

What’s Our Keyword Research Process

  • You give us your “core” target keyword
  • You give us your conversion information(visitor to lead rate, lead to sale rate, revenue per sale)
  • We look up what URLs currently rank for that term
  • We grab all of the keywords that THOSE urls rank for right now
  • We get cost per click and search volume for those terms
  • We use estimates of organic click through rates to project potential traffic per keyword
  • We run those numbers through your conversion information
  • We give you a Google Sheet that projects your potential revenue, traffic and all the relevant data.

Want to learn more? Here’s more detail on how to use our keyword research forecast for your client or brand.

Who’s Behind SEO Arcade

Parker Welch: Coder, visionary and dangerous to play Munchkin with at any time.







This is Jeremy. I’m always posting SEO stuff to Twitter

Jeremy Rivera: SEO, Product Manager and dangerously addicted to board games

Looking For An Excel/Google Sheet Template For Organic SEO Estimates?

We use Google sheets to hold the data that we pull from DataforSEO, so you can share your results with clients and make copies of the layout for your other projects.

Learn how to use our Keyword Research

If you have improvements or specific requests we’d love to hear how you’ve modified your sheet, we are constantly testing and improving what we do here!

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SEO Reports in Bulk

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What Do Our Clients Say About Our Reports?

“As anyone who has been focusing on SEO as an acquisition channel knows, one of the most important aspects of a successful campaign is effective keyword research. SEOArcade has designed a process that closely adheres to what we were doing internally.

Feeling confident in a vendor’s deliverable helps us to offload that part of our process, allowing us to increase overall bandwidth for other important aspects of any campaign. The cherry on top was the deliverable itself—an annotated Google Sheet. Boom! Simplicity magnifies the efficacy.”

Thanks to the team over at SEOArcade for designing a killer keyword research service.”








Stephen Robertson of Hipbadger, a digital marketing company for Small businesses.