We’ve added the ability for you to update the organic click through rate % for each organic position for your forecasts.

If you’re using our seo forecast tool to see your potential traffic for a keyword in various positions, then you might wonder what is the “formula” behind the scenes that’s calculating that search traffic.

Video Transcript:

This is Jeremy Rivera of SEO Arcade wanted to show you real fast, a new feature for you, advanced users. This is the system where you can adjust the organic click-through rate estimates per position.

Currently it’s based on advanced by rankings, Google search console based survey system that suggest that for unbranded keywords, you get 25.2% to 6% of the first position traffic volume on desktop.

If you think you have a better model or you’ve taken the time to filter out & look at your own Google search console data and have your own averages, you can go ahead and pop those values in for yourself and run any future reports using your customized desktop or mobile clicks or rates.

If you want to rerun a previous report with those new click-through rates, just hit the re-redo button here, and you’ll be able to generate. You can rerun each report 30 times. So if we wanted to keep going and see what our baseball attractions potential traffic would look like just as this generate and confirm bada Bing, bada boom.