Here’s the ONLY place where you can find discount and coupon codes for my keyword research tool. I don’t create or share these publicly, so you’ll have to send me a DM on Twitter and ask nicely. I don’t bite!

I get it. You’re bootstapping, trying to make your boss or your client happy by doing killer keyword research and you’re looking at the moths flying out of your wallet. There are some costs associated with the data and tool, so I can’t give it away totally for free. If you looked at the pricing for this here keyword cluster tool, it’s like $20 a month for as many reports as you want…. SEMrush and Ahrefs are $129 a month so this is already “dirt cheap” in comparison.

Get a coupon or discount on my keyword research tool: Ask and you shall (perhaps) receive.

But hey I might be able to swing some sort of coupon or discount code if we can collaborate in some way, even if it’s just getting a quote from you from an article (and hey, I’ll even send a link your way for attribution). Hit me up @seoarcade or @jeremyriveraseo on Twitter, and I’ll see what I can do.