Get Free Simplified Keyword Research

Tired of SEMrush and Ahref’s overpriced, overstuffed, overcomplicated systems? Want to input 1-5 keywords and get up to 1,000 relevant search terms, your top competitors & a market forecast of potential traffic, revenue and leads?

Unlimited Keyword Research Reports With A Monthly Subscription

Unlimited Monthly Forecasts/ROI Reports
  • Unlimited Number Of Forecast Generation
  • International Keyword Data
  • Charts & Visualizations
  • Multiple Language Keyword Data sets
  • Adjust your organic CTR used for calculations
  • 30 “Re-runs” per keyword focused report

We’re an SEO SaaS that creates SEO forecast reports chock full of keyword research goodness in Google Sheets. You can white-label these SEO reports, you can use them to sell SEO to clients or your boss.

We have chosen a unique business model, that allows you to request reports “on demand”. Now just $20 a month to cut out HOURS of manual CSV downloads from other SEO.

Go beyond SEMrush & Ahrefs

Free Keyword Analysis

Want to find relevant keywords? Want a cheap alternative to SEMrush and Ahrefs? Want SEO forecasts, competitor ranking details and more? Get 5 reports for free right now!

Terms & Conditions For “Coins”

Optionally, if you don’t want to commit to a $20 monthly subscription, you can operate our reports like an arcade, and grab coins for $5 to get an ad-hoc SEO forecast.

Coin roll-over: 

You keep your coins. We don’t magically make them disappear. As long as we’re operating as a business you can order reports in our system with coins loaded to your account at any point in the past, they don’t expire.

General Coin Refund policy: 

Of course the trade-off of coins rolling over is that we reserve the right not to refund coin purchases. These aren’t monetary/currency units that can be retrieved later, but “tokens” that can be used to run reports in our system only. In other words, coins are non-refundable.

Monthly Subscription Refunds:

You don’t need to call us or talk to us. Cancel your subscription at any time, we will stop charging you. You retain the coins you’ve already purchased in your account.

Monthly Subscription Details:

We process our payments through Stripe, and do not retain your purchase details/card details within our own platform. It’s more secure with Stripe, refer to their service site for details on personal information/billing security procedures.

Ending “Unlimited Mode”

Again cancel anytime, we won’t make you jump through hoops. When you end your subscription for recurring, you retain that “unlimited” ability until the end of the month up until the date when you would have been charged next. That’s it. Simple.

Note: (If you had any coins in your account before activating, your account will again reflect that coin balance. )

Questions? Billing Problems?

Contact: [email protected]