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We Do SEO ROI Keyword Forecasts

We gather the top 100 keywords for the 10 URLs that rank right now for your target keyword. We then forecast how much SEO traffic, sales & revenue your could capture if you ranked organically in search i.e. What is your potential SEO ROI (Return on Investment).

Grabbing our $45 report will allow you to filter and sort your target keywords for specific pages to grow your revenue by potentially thousands of dollars per month. Get the most revenue possible from your organic SEO campaigns with our unique and in-depth SEO forecast.

We Get ALL Keyword Volumes

Provide a starting keyword. We’ll review the top ranking sites, grab THEIR top ranking keywords and pull their current volume and PPC cost.

You Provide Conversion Rates

Provide us with your site’s conversion rate, how many conversions it takes to make a sale, and how much you make per sale.

We Forecast Your SEO Revenue Potential

We’ll give you a Google Sheet(Excel) loaded with formulas to calculate just how much revenue you could make if you ranked for those keyword terms and phrases.

Here lies your old keyword research process

How We Forecast Your SEO ROI

This is an example SEO ROI forecast report ironically for the phrase "SEO forecast"
We help you visualize your potential. Here’s a few snapshots from our own target keyword “SEO Forecasting”.
  • You give us your “core” target keyword that you’re going to target for your SEO campaign.
  • You give us your conversion rate information.
    • How many visitors turn into leads AKA Conversion rate?
    • How many of those conversions turn into actual sales AKA lead to sale rate?
    • How much Revenue do you make per sale aka Average Sale Revenue?
  • We look up what URLs currently rank for that target keyword phrase
  • We grab all of the keywords that THOSE urls rank for right now.
  • We gather the cost per click and monthly search volume for those keyword terms.
  • We use estimates of organic click through rates to project and forecast the actual potential traffic per keyword.
    • We actually provide forecasts for each keyword in each specific position but also two “generic” numbers for ranking in the “top” or “bottom” of the front page.
      • The #1-3 forecast takes the average CTR of the top 3 positions and multiplies it against the volume of the keyword.
      • The #4-10 forecast takes the average CTR of the bottom 4-10 positions and multiplies it against the volume of the keyword.
  • We Multiply those monthly search traffic estimate numbers by each step of your conversion rate process. (Conversion rate, Lead to sale, revenue per sale)
  • The Deliverable: We share with you a Google Sheet (Excel) that projects your potential revenue, organic traffic and give you all the relevant data you need to make the right decision about targeting those related keyword terms and phrases.
Organic Click through rates we use in our forecast
We use this awesome organic click through rate data to estimate how much traffic you could generate in the various positions.

TLDR- We figure out if you’re going to make money from your SEO campaign.

What we’re trying to provide here is to provide an Excel (Google Sheets) template that’s an alternative to a lengthy keyword research process. It surfaces related keywords and gives useful metrics to help you gauge the potential value at the end of the day in terms of traffic, sales and revenue. That’s the piece we feel is too often ignored and not addressed by the most popular keyword research tools, they’re not really forecasting your organic traffic all they’re doing is providing the volume data for monthly searchs of those keyword phrases. It’s about that ROI.

The Ultimate SEO Excel Template

The ultimate goal is to get that return on investment for your SEO efforts. How much money will you generate if you actually put in the work to get your website ranking in those top positions?

Will it be worth it to hire a consultant, an in-house SEO or agency to get those rankings, it’s hard to say if you can’t really quantify your potential SEO outcome in terms of leads and revenue.

You can of course re-use the Google Sheet we provide you for your own SEO template on other projects. We just suggest you “make a copy” of your sheet and feel free to adjust or customize as you utilize our research for your optimization process.

Seriously, it’s Fifteen Bucks. Want to know what your SEO ROI is going to be? Get your keyword forecast now!

We’re happy to hear from you if you have questions about our keyword research & forecasting process!
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