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We Do SEO ROI Keyword Forecasts

Are you targeting the right keywords with your SEO efforts? Will you actually make money if you start ranking for your target phrases?

Get Keyword Volume

Provide a starting keyword. We’ll review the top ranking sites, grab THEIR top ranking keywords and pull their current volume and PPC cost.

Provide Conversion Rates

Provide us with your site’s conversion rate, how many conversions it takes to make a sale, and how much you make per sale.

We Project Potential Revenue

We’ll give you a Google Sheet(Excel) loaded with formulas to calculate just how much revenue you could make if you ranked for those keyword terms and phrases.

Here lies your old keyword research process

How We Forecast Your SEO ROI

  • You give us your “core” target keyword
  • You give us your conversion information(visitor to lead rate, lead to sale rate, revenue per sale)
  • We look up what URLs currently rank for that term
  • We grab all of the keywords that THOSE urls rank for right now
  • We get cost per click and search volume for those terms
  • We use estimates of organic click through rates to project potential traffic per keyword
  • We run those numbers through your conversion information
  • We give you a Google Sheet that projects your potential revenue, organic traffic and give you all the relevant data you need to make the right decision.
SEO forecast ROI Case study
We help you visualize your potential. Here’s a few snapshots from our own target keyword “SEO Forecasting Tool”.
We use this awesome organic click through rate data to estimate how much traffic you could generate in the various positions.
We also grab the SEO difficulty, CPC and SERP features for your forecast
We also grab the SEO difficulty, CPC and SERP features for your forecast
Your direct SERP competitors for your target term provide tons of useful insights!

TLDR- We figure out if you’re going to make money from your SEO campaign.

Seriously, it’s Five Bucks. Get your keyword forecast now!

We’re happy to hear from you if you have questions about our keyword research process!
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