We have international search query data in our SEO keyword research reports. You can get both accurate data for non-english languages and locations across the globe for the same price as English forecasts in America.

Do you have international search query data?

Yes, our DataForSEO partnership provides us with search query data for specific countries. This allows you to analyze the search data for a particular search as it’s done in a specific country in the world, instead of the global or America only value. **Keep in mind, this may decrease overall search volumes for your queries, as you might expect.

Do you have search query data in different languages?

Yes, all non-latin characters and language elements are part of our multi-language data, so you can re-run your report for English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese etc.

Can you mix international locations and different languages?

Yes. You can mix and match any language and location setting, so you can see your results for Spanish language searches in America or English searches in Spain.

What if I get it wrong the first time?

Each report can be re-run 30x with different parameters, including language and location.

Is there an extra cost for international data?


How many forecasts/reports can I request per month?

You can get an unlimited number of reports generated when you subscribe for just $20 a month

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