Businesses in this digital age are always looking for ways to improve their online presence, draw in more clients, and build solid reputations. The best way to do this is with brand building and SEO.

It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of SEO and brand creation in attaining these objectives. While perspectives on which is more crucial may differ, it is clear that both are crucial for promoting exposure, credibility, and long-term success.

Join us as we explore a form of SEO and brand development and discover valuable information and real-world examples from industry leaders to help you develop successful strategies. The goal is to create a lasting impact on your target audience, whether you’re an experienced marketer or just getting started.

On a scale of 1-5, how important do you think SEO is to brand-building on the brand(s) you work on?

A1 3. Brand building is in my opin far more important for SEO than SEO is for Brand building.

Simon Cox 

A1 If you’re not seen, you’re not known. It’s a simple equation. Being visible on the SERPs is of major importance.


I think it matters as you can build brand recognition and trust over time with a good organic strategy, It’s definitely a small part of the overall plan though. PPC and even non-digital marketing methods can have a huge impact too.

Jack Chambers-Ward

What brands do you think have awesome communities (big or small)?


@Chewy has amazing fans. Everyone of them is like a brand ambassador! Amazing


A2 Obviously



@facebook are all rubbish So is a bit good. and of course

@apple as others have mentioned is an outright beast.

Simon Cox 

A2 I would say
is a good example. Creating brand ambassadors is a good move that’s benefitted them greatly in the lifestyle space.
is also a good example for how they engage with their loyalists.


Which of those brands do you think does awesome SEO and why do you think that?

A3 I mentioned Apple as a supe brand but they are not good at SEO. But they don’t need to be as the brand is so strong. They can’t even get top spot for “How to solve the Apple mail Unable to verify account name or password issue”

Simon Cox

A3: Speaking of this topic, brands will have to do more to build out their web presence to support ranking for long tail keywords. Google seems to be getting stricter about brands and keyword match ads. Sure that organic results are headed there as well.


What SEO tactics have you tried from the community Marketing flywheel?

SEO comes *before* you start building the community — you need it to build the brand itself, right?!

Rohan Ayyar

Here are the 5 steps crucial to retaining customers in building a community marketing flywheel: Attracting new customers Engaging and nurturing the community Providing valuable and relevant content Building strong relationships and loyalty Advocacy and word-of-mouth promotion


IMO: SEO will be covered in Talkable and creditable brands story i.e. others talking about your brand and linking to your website.

Megan Newman | eCommerce

I’d like to tie in the YouTube starts more considering I’ve tried most of these things. Video is becoming more important by the day.


The relationship between SEO and brand building is a complex and interdependent one. While some argue that brand building is more important for SEO, others emphasize the significance of being visible on search engine results pages (SERPs). It is essential to recognize that both SEO and brand building play crucial roles in establishing a successful online presence.

One approach to brand building is through the cultivation of brand ambassadors, who can help spread the word and create a loyal customer base. Examples like @Chewy, @lululemon, and @adidas demonstrate the effectiveness of this strategy in different industries. However, it is worth noting that having a strong brand may not always guarantee top search engine rankings, as seen with Apple’s limited success in SEO despite its brand strength.

Brands should focus on developing their online presence in order to promote ranking for long-tail keywords as search engines grow more strict in their evaluation of brands and keyword-match advertisements.

Additionally, since it aids in brand development and draws in new clients, SEO should be viewed as an important part of community building. In a community marketing flywheel, keeping consumers engaged requires a variety of actions, including bringing in new clients, interacting with and nurturing the community, delivering helpful content, establishing trusting bonds, and fostering advocacy and word-of-mouth marketing.

Online success and maximum exposure in the digital environment require a complete strategy that blends SEO tactics with successful brand-building initiatives. Businesses can build a strong online presence, draw in and keep consumers, and ultimately succeed by giving both a high priority.

Jeremy Rivera

Jeremy Rivera started in SEO in 2007, working at Advanced Access a hosting company for Realtors. He came up from the support department, where people kept asking "How do I rank in Google" and found in the process of answering that question an entire career. He became SEO product manager of, went "in-house" at Raven Tools in Nashville in 2013. He then worked at several agencies like Caddis, 2 The Top Design as an SEO manager and then launched a 5 year freelance SEO career. During that time he consulted for large enterprise sites like Smile Direct Club, Dr. Axe, HCA, Logan's Roadhouse and Captain D's while also helping literally hundreds of small business owners get found in search results. He has authored blog posts at Authority Labs, Raven Tools, Wix, Search Engine Land. He has been a speaker at many SEO conferences like Craft Content and been interviewed in numerous SEO focused podcasts.


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