With a nod to Lyndon (@darthNa)… dive straight into creating SEO content that’s not only rich in information but also a delight to navigate.

Craft summaries that hook your audience, structuring your piece for easy navigation, and using styling techniques to make key points stand out. With an emphasis on user experience, use visual elements like tables and images effectively, and remember why white space is crucial in your content layout.

First Impressions Count: The Power of Summaries and Abstracts

“Make sure your content quickly answers the questions that your users are asking… By all means, go as in-depth as required, but don’t overlook the importance of a summary that gets to the point of the content high up on the page.”

James Brockbank

Your reader’s time is precious. Grab their attention with a concise yet punchy summary or an abstract that acts like a treasure map, pointing to the juicy bits of your article. Remember, you’re not just a writer; you’re a guide leading them through a forest of information.

Navigating with Ease: The Art of Structuring

Think of your article as a city. Your section headings are the street signs, guiding your readers through your textual metropolis.

Make these signs bold and clear.

This way, your readers can take a vertical glance and know exactly where they are and where they want to go.

Highlight the Highlights: Skimming-Friendly Techniques

Now, let’s talk horizontal. Skimming is the new reading. Bold, italicize, or underline – these are your tools to make key points pop.

Like street performers in your city of words, these elements catch the eye and give your readers the gist of the story as they zip by.

The Show-Stoppers: Tables and Images

Tactic Benefit
Concise Summaries & Abstracts Captures attention quickly; acts as a guide to key content
Clear Section Headings Enhances navigation; helps in quick scanning
Emphasis on Key Points Aids in skimming; highlights important information
Use of Tables and Images Makes content memorable and visually appealing
Effective White Space Management Improves readability; gives content a clean, organized look

Every city has its landmarks, and your article should too. Tables, figures, and images are your content’s Eiffel Towers and Statues of Liberty. They’re not just decorative; they’re info-rich symbols that make your content memorable and shareable.

Mind the Gaps: The Role of White Space

White space is the urban park of your content city.

It’s not empty; it’s breathing space.

It separates paragraphs and sections, giving your reader’s eyes a much-needed rest. It’s the difference between a chaotic flea market and an inviting boutique.

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Jeremy Rivera

Jeremy Rivera started in SEO in 2007, working at Advanced Access a hosting company for Realtors. He came up from the support department, where people kept asking "How do I rank in Google" and found in the process of answering that question an entire career. He became SEO product manager of Homes.com, went "in-house" at Raven Tools in Nashville in 2013. He then worked at several agencies like Caddis, 2 The Top Design as an SEO manager and then launched a 5 year freelance SEO career. During that time he consulted for large enterprise sites like Smile Direct Club, Dr. Axe, HCA, Logan's Roadhouse and Captain D's while also helping literally hundreds of small business owners get found in search results. He has authored blog posts at Authority Labs, Raven Tools, Wix, Search Engine Land. He has been a speaker at many SEO conferences like Craft Content and been interviewed in numerous SEO focused podcasts.