It might surprise you to know that you can access more data in Google Search console by typing in some Regex than you can through clicking on the various UI elements in the “Performance” section of Search Console that reveals data about your site’s & Google performance.

See Queries With Just 1 Word

First load up Google Search console, click “Performance”, then hit “+New” above the chart, click query and change the dropdown element from it’s default of “Queries containing” to Custom(Regex). Then you can input this following Regex string to narrow down the resulting data to just keywords that are one word long.


There seems to be a COUPLE of competing strings being suggested for longer strings of words.

Option 1. This one should give you 3 word queries -> ^[a-zA-Z]+\s[a-zA-Z]+\s[a-zA-Z]+$
Option 2. ^(([\S]+ |[\S]+)){3}$ <-- Replace the # 3 here with your desired number
Option 3. This one should also give you 3 word queries -> ^(\S+\s+){2}\S+$ 

Hat tip to Sander Tamaëla, Dave Sottimano and Pete Watson-Wailes

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