The weekly #SEObits round-up is a curated recap of this week’s best threads and marketing messages in social media. There are a lot of useful insights in these tweets, but they go by so quickly that you might miss them! Here’s my best effort at bringing all those answers and questions into one place.

This is a tweet thread recap of Dakota Robertson, check out his website Growthghost follow him on Twitter 
  • Copywriting is 80% psychology and 20% writing.
  • People love the words “free”, “fast”, and “easy.”
  • People buy with emotion (stories), then justify with logic (statistics, graphs, data).
  • Use rhymes and alliteration to make your writing more memorable.
  • Write first, edit later.
  • Place social proof near your headline to add instant credibility.
  • Skilled copywriters spend more time doing market research than writing.
  • Use the words “you” and “your” to make your writing engaging.
  • Talking about your flaws and mistakes can make you seem more trustworthy.
  • Use bold words and underlines to emphasize important points.
  • Solve 1 problem for 1 person, not 5 problems for 10 people.
  • Use short sentences to make your writing easier to read.
  • Use pictures with your testimonials to make them believable.
  • Emphasize the benefits of your features.
  • Your “zero to hero” story is one of your most powerful marketing assets.
  • Always A/B test your headlines.
  • You’ll be perceived as more likable when you use the same words as your target audience.
  • Format your paragraphs into smaller chunks so they’re easier to read.
  • Ask questions throughout your copy to keep readers engaged.
  • Offering something fast is more appealing than offering it for free.
  • Use the “Us vs. Them” narrative to engage readers.
  • Copywriting is about making the reader feel understood.
  • Reddit, Quora, and Facebook groups are great places to do market research.
  • If you see a headline that grabs your attention, save it somewhere for inspiration for later.
  • Write at a 5th-grade level or below.
  • Describe the prospects’ problem better than they can describe it themselves.
  • The harder it is to read, the less they’ll read.
  • Read your copy out loud to catch mistakes.
  • Use active voice in your writing to make it sound stronger.
  • Use the website, Power Thesaurus, to find powerful words to use in your copy.
  • What your customers say about you is 10x more powerful than what you say.
  • The right testimonial, case study, or review can be worth 10s of thousands of dollars for your business.
  • Turn your call to action into a call to value (benefit they’ll receive by clicking).
  • Using numbers in your headline is a great way to get attention.
  • Specific numbers are more believable than vague ones.
  • Read fiction to become a skilled storyteller.
  • Use software like ProWritingAid to proofread your writing.

These 37 ideas really resonated with me

Dave Burns

If you hate making money off your writing, don’t read this thread.

Sven Slattum

Copywriting is very brief! Must read, Sorry for using the word “Very” . #38 Use the “Very” word very often. Damn it I used it again!

Mack • Writes To Edit 

Hope you enjoyed the recap! In case you missed the previous week’s #SEOchat here are some more topics you missed!

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