What Are Terminal Commands?

Your computer is a powerful tool, and can execute specific commands with very short strings of letters if you know how to reach your “Terminal”. On Mac, you can do a search for “Terminal” and access it through the sytem menu. Once the dialog shows up you can input a command like

whois seoarcade.com
ping seoarcade.com

How Does This Help My SEO?

While Andy Griffiths doesn’t line out EXACTLY why he uses these daily, we can imagine several quick uses…

There are a lot of situations where you may want to know where a domain is registered, how long it’s been registered, where (what registrar) it is registered or to whom it is registered.

You could want to find out two domains that appear spammy, are registered to the same owner for example.

The Ping function will let you test and see which IP address is responsible for the content you’re seeing in your browser. This is very useful when you’re launching new site or pages, launching redesigns or assigning new domains to a hosted site.

How Do YOU use Terminal Commands?

Would love to work out more specific uses for Ping, Whois or other commands, feel free to share details and I’ll update this post with your insights!

Keep Learning SEO

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