This is an honest assessment of the SEO strategy and status of the SEO health of this site. This will be a regularly updated monster of a post, with a table of anchor links to the various sections covering the various aspects of SEO for this project.

Why have an ongoing SEO case study? ?

I’ve been doing SEO for small sites, large sites and everything in-between for years. As I sat in the car this last week on a vacation to Destin with my wife, I envisioned what I wanted out of the next three years and realized that I really do believe in the capability and quality of my keyword forecasts and want it to succeed in a big way.

I’m gonna take this SEO keyword service seriously, and treat it like a client

That means taking this project seriously from an SEO perspective, instead of an on-off, side project I want to treat it to the same level of attention and execution as I’ve done for my paying freelance SEO clients.

Recent New Content Created

Current SEO Strategy

I’ve got three parts to the current strategy. The first is to capture weekly #seochats, capture them as recap articles, and then make a summary type companion article. Second is to capture interesting SEO conversations and turn them into short form #seobits articles. Last, I’m trying to make an SEO forecasting hub and spoke, addressing all of the different ways that people think about and approach predicting SEO traffic.

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Jeremy Rivera

Jeremy Rivera started in SEO in 2007, working at Advanced Access a hosting company for Realtors. He came up from the support department, where people kept asking "How do I rank in Google" and found in the process of answering that question an entire career. He became SEO product manager of, went "in-house" at Raven Tools in Nashville in 2013. He then worked at several agencies like Caddis, 2 The Top Design as an SEO manager and then launched a 5 year freelance SEO career. During that time he consulted for large enterprise sites like Smile Direct Club, Dr. Axe, HCA, Logan's Roadhouse and Captain D's while also helping literally hundreds of small business owners get found in search results. He has authored blog posts at Authority Labs, Raven Tools, Wix, Search Engine Land. He has been a speaker at many SEO conferences like Craft Content and been interviewed in numerous SEO focused podcasts.