This Serpstat conversation with Jess Joyce will be about digital marketing in 2022 / 2023.

Jess Joyce is an SEO Consultant that works with tech companies and agencies on organic SEO. She is also a mother.

Q1: Are you off until the new year right now?

A1 This week, almost every member of our team is working 🙂 #serpstat_chat


A1: All I need is my phone and computer to work. I’m never really not working!


Joey Trend

a1. No. This quiet time in between holidays is a great opportunity to catch up on areas of interest and neglect.

Marianne Sweeny

Q2: How has your holiday time been? Working on any projects?

A2. Working on a new competitor comparison feature for our SEO forecasts, pretty much finished there! #serpstat_chat

SEO Arcade

Holiday time has been lovely 🙂 A nice brain break! Working on a few projects and some planning so that’s been really really really nice and being able to test some things out going into the new year feels great

Jess Joyce

A2 It’s been a busy week at work but so exciting… Developing content for Twitter and preparing for webinars in January related to On-page SEO and Seasonality in SEO

Olena Prokhoda

Q3: What went well for you in SEO land in 2022?

A3 #serpstat_chat #schema was like having 100k backlinks I don’t have, huge jump in ranking

Jaroslaw Pidburskyj – SEO 

A3. I took on the idea of making recaps of #seochat and #serpstat_chat – I hated that it was INSANE to try and reconstruct a tweetchat experience after the fact.… Turns out there’s value in curating unique, relevant content 🙂

SEO Arcade

Worked with wonderful clients & connected with a bunch of wonderful SEOs cc

@myriamjessier as she’s hanging in this chat! Truly filled with a lot of awesome feelings going into 2023

Jess Joyce

Q4: What didn’t work out in your SEO for 2022?

A4. #serpstat_chat – Spent a little too much time playing around with AI image generators, before I found the right methodology of crafting prompt parameters that gave me a consistently useful output vs having fun dinking around with useless (but often neat) images.

SEO Arcade

A4: Sketchy WordPress Seo plugins that ended up hurting instead of helping. However, it was a good lesson to learn. Not all plugins are good. #serpstat_chat

Joey Trend

I didn’t get to write/edit enough content & hope to plan that better in 2023. Would love to get more content published and systems in place to scale along with the technical support.

Jess Joyce

Q5: What are you planning for SEO in 2023?

A5.1 We have lots of plans and are so excited to get down to them in January!

We will continue to make comprehensive content for SEO and Digital Marketing agencies, freelancers, and in-house specialists. Stay tuned! #serpstat_chat


A5: AI is getting real spicy! My agency is looking at how AI can replace content writers and Graphics Designers at a fraction of the cost. #serpstat_chat

Joey Trend

Q5 – #serpstat_chat Scaling is my plans (within reason)! Working on internal connectings/automations and pulling together some elements behind the scenes to do so – shall see what the market has in store for us in 2023

Jess Joyce

Q6: What are your plans for Google Analytics in 2023?

A6 We use GSC to pull most of the primary information (clicks, impressions). We use GA4, but the more important attribution models for us are built in OWOX.


A6: Toss is in the garbage lol JK on GA4 and ready to go for thy shift off GA3. Such a fun task for some.

Damian Schmidt

A6: My team is working on checking GA4 so we can come up with a plan for this.

Pavel Stepanov

Q7: Who is your favorite person to follow in SEO for 2023?

Here is a list of some amazing people, some of them may not be SEO but they have a huge contribution to the Industry:












Amal Ghosh

HIP HIP, that concludes the 2022 #serpstat chat; see you next year.