The #SEOchat on Twitter was run by “Brian Dordevic.” These tweets are jam-packed with information, yet you can miss them because of how swiftly they emerge and go.

Brian Dordevic is a #WebDesign & SEO Expert and the President of @AlphaEfficiency & AthenaSocieties. He is passionate about: #SEO #GoogleAds #WebDesign #JavaScript

I don’t think it was as much adapting and changing in the immediate but to me this was a big step forward in google getting more specific in what it was able to serve #seochat

Mordy Oberstein 

A1 Shifted to keyword planning based on what content might rank higher with AI determining rank.

More concise, less meaningless words for long tail keyword ideas


A1: There isn’t really anything to optimize as it aims to emulate our natural language.

I was still “fresh” so it didn’t affect at all my performance.

For sure, it helped a lot with ranking compared to pre-BERT.

Marco Giordano

A2 Not really affected. Have seen others getting decimated, but hard to say why, since we also have HCU rolling out. Some of these sites had a lot of easily detectable AI content. #SEOChat

Testing Stuff

I’ve seen a lot of back and forth volatility but nothing that seems long term (I think it was the HCU not the LSU) #SEOchat

Mordy Oberstein 

A2: Zero effect, didn’t check in detail as I have many borrowed properties.

I think it was the usual scare strategy!

Marco Giordano

A3: Give us a multiple choice option for this one 😅🍭

I think that amplification via news outlets, trusted industry sources, and other Google properties such as Scholars will play a bigger factor in determing link quality.


I have always and will always not be fond of link building #SEOchat

Mordy Oberstein

A4: Semantic Clustering is one example cc

@LeeFootSEO Entity Extraction via pertained models is my most common use case though. Nowadays, I mostly use Analytics and rule-based approaches instead because they are 9/10 the best choices for many problems.

Marco Giordano

A4 Does training your content tools count?

Using machine learning to generate meta descriptions atm Working on many more use cases


A4: Keyword research and XML sitemap audits In a nuthshell, I’m using it for descriptive analysis and especially pure analytics

Simone De Palma

Language structure. It should be “easy” (nothing is easy) to profile language structure. I think they already do for things like “first hand experience when reviewing a product” #SEOchat

Mordy Oberstein

A5: syntax as already said by Mordy.

Some patterns are not natural for most of us or can be too “off”.

There are other alternatives but I think this one is among the quickest.

The question is: will they really do it? We don’t know.

Marco Giordano

A5: A startup is already claiming they can do it… I think Google will monitor these startups and then deploy their own internal tools


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