This is a curated recap of the weekly #SEOchat on Twitter, in case you missed it. There are a lot of useful insights in these tweets, but they go by so quickly that you might miss them! Here’s my best effort at bringing all those answers and questions into one place. Hosted by Greg Bernhardt, SEO for @Shopify | Writer at | Founder of

Q1A: #seochat What are the best blogs or resources you’d suggest @GregBernhardt4 for learning what Python can do for SEO?

Jeremy Rivera

I wish I knew. I stumbled onto Python when I googled how to do something. Now it’s slowly adding tools to my toolbelt for things like url index injection, SEO testing, and automation for low level tasks.

Joshua Jarvis

1/ I’d start with Kaggle Learn …
2/ then dive right into the beautiful world of #Python#SEO via @hamletbatista (RIP), @GregBernhardt4 and @ChouinardJC‘s ace tutorials!

Charly Wargnier

I don’t think there’s “one” place, but I can tell you that you are going to need to understand Pandas really well

Damián Taubaso

Q2: For those learning or working with #Python for SEO, what are some of the hurdles you experienced? #SEOChat

A2: the hardest one for me was making sure I did not miss an comma, colon or quote in my code. And not forgetting the indentation of course.

Arthur Camberlein

Getting started – it’s feels like an insurmountable task to undertake #seochat

Kyle Faber

Q3: With #Python, generating #AI content is fairly easy. Do you think Google will be able to always detect human vs AI content? Does it matter? #SEOChat

Lots of AI tools exist now. What did they change Jarvis to… Oh @heyjasperai – They do a LOT of work in generating content with AI tools. However, in my experience, it DOES need human curation, otherwise it can go awry. IDK if Google DOES detect AI per se #SEOchat

Jeremy Rivera

What is your favorite publically accessible Python notebook or app?

#seochat A3: My favorite one, that I used a lot for the FR SEO market… by @VincentTerrasi

Arthur Camberlein

Q5: Pandas is a spreadsheet-like module for Python. What are the advantages or disadvantages of it compared to Sheets/Excel? #SEOChat

#seochat A5: 1/ Advantages: Cleaning a huge amount of data in a few lines of code 2/ Advantages: export to cdv, xls, … 3/ Advantage: reusable, change source and run the script 4/ Disadvantages: understanding/installing Python for beginners

Arthur Camberlein

Pandas can open a 3 million rows sheet like a breeze, Combined with BigQuery and DataStudio is a really powerful tool for analisys and visualization

Damián Taubaso

Q6: What are your top 5 must learn phyton modules for SEO? #SEOChat

A1: 1. NumPy 2. pandas 3. Matplotlib 4. Seaborn 5. scikit-learn #SEOChat


#seochat A6: (no particular order & yes cheating a little bit) 1/ Pandas 2/ Requests 3/ Scrapy / Selenium / Beautiful Soup / @crowltech 4/ @Streamlit 5/ Advertool

Arthur Camberlein

#Python modules for #SEO? My A: #1 @eliasdabbas‘s #Advertools → scraping #2 @MaartenGr‘s Polyfuzz → Fuzzy matching #3 @spacy_io#NLP toolkit #4 @huggingface Transformers → #NLP#ML#CV! #5 @streamlit → build apps!

Charly Wargnier

A6: pandas, requests, scrapy, nltk/spacy, huggingface #SEOChat

Paul Shapiro – paulshapiro.eth

#Python modules for #SEO? A: It changes over time, right now I would say: 1. pandas (data processing) 2. requests-html (crawling, API requests) 3. @huggingface transformers (NLP tasks) 4. Google APIs 5. @streamlit (deploy)

Alexis Rylko

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