Go beyond Just Search Volumes

When you’re doing keyword research or content analysis, as you plan out your content marketing service objectives for 2023 to simply stick your nose into Ahrefs or SEMrush, muck around in Google sheets for a few days and call it a job. However, if you don’t include some human interaction to your topic and service keyword selection process you can totally miss some highly valuable sets of keywords.

You need to speak with as much of the organization as possible! If you leave any rock un-turned, then you could be missing out on addressing the “friction” that’s really keeping searchers from becoming your paying customer! Here’s who you should be talking to find those hidden keywords and topics that can make a difference:

  • Customer service team
  • Customer service manager
  • Secretary/Front Desk(Who answers and directs calls)
  • Sales reps
  • Sales manager
  • Product manager
  • Product marketing manager

Talk to these people and ask them “Why did they need to talk to ANYONE before they bought?”, “Why did they have problems with what they bought” and other questions to find out what objections, challenges or pain points lie behind the customer’s desire for a product or service. This intel is invaluable at crafting content to engage and address those needs!

Get Records Of Emails & Conversations

There’s plenty of tools that record conversations, like a website chat tool or a customer support ticket system! Look them over for patterns, repeated questions! Those are articles, FAQs and resource pages you need to add to your SEO campaign!

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