This round of the #serpstat talk will look at link-building concerns. Here’s a look back at a recent talk with BIBI.

Bibi the Link Builder | She, her-devil LinkyThis round of the #serpstat talk will look at link-building concerns. Here’s a look back at a recent talk with BIBI. websitey makey #atheist #humanist #prochoice #rudesnowflake #seo #linkbuilding

What is your biggest pain point right now, with link building?

A1: ATM, creating templates for link insertions where the value proposition is ‘off’. Running a campaign where the linkable asset doesn’t fit the prospects page. So it’s back to coming up with something that makes more sense. It happens 🙂


A1 Number of guest posts/link suggestions in the DM on Linkedin 🙂 I‘m constantly afraid that I’ll miss something really relevant.

Olena Prokhoda

A1: Getting started, mainly these are resources to learn from. Unfortunately there’s ton of information out there, that it’s seems overwhelming to go through all of them.

Avast Zumac

A1: Link building can be a challenging and time-consuming process, and there are several pain points, the two most common are: – Difficulty finding high-quality, relevant websites to pitch or request links from. – The time and effort required to outreach.

Rahul Marthak

How can you prospect in a way that improves your link conversion?

What is link prospecting? It’s the process of finding potential outreach targets (grabbing multiple email addresses at a time), creating the right message and sending your message either via email, phone or social media at scale.

A2: Tweak prospecting by focusing on a business type that shares part of your audience. So for instance, use ‘payroll management inurl:pricing’ They value content that engages their audience. So they’re less inclined to ask you for money for a link.

Fine tune your link prospecting to win the numbers game:

A2 Worked on an HVAC site for which the Co. carried many different mnfg’s products. Set up a page specifically for Mitsubishi, Carrier, etc and then reached out to them w/ the page for a link. *Worked!* Think that was my best LB achievement.

Debi Norton

A2: Make sure your CTA or anchor text matches your landing page content. Don’t be vague or mislead visitors if you want them to convert.


Name 3 aspects of websites that negatively impact your link building success

When you’re taking on the process of building links, it’s sometimes overlooked WHAT you’re trying to get linked. There’s parts of your site’s design, content and usefulness that can directly affect if your prospect will be open to linking to your site in any way!

A3 Links from unreliable SEO services Using the same outreach email you found online Building links to low-quality content


A3: 1. Your site only has self-serving, commercial content. 2. The site has no identity, brand or people-wise 3. Your internal linking sucks


Bad UX Bad information architecture Blocking interstitials Link effectiveness is diminished if visit behavior indicates a lack of relevance

Marianne Sweeny

What kind of content can help with links?

Again, when it comes to the question of why a site owner or marketing team is going to make the editorial decision to link to a page or post on your site, there’s a lot of lack of forethought. Ideally, your content truly is helpful, well crafted and a useful part of the conversation in your particular industry. This increases the likelihood you can capture links from other content creators.

A4 We recently conducted a link-building survey, are you familiar with it? We interviewed 523 people to gather actual data on link building and to help specialists in this field build an efficient strategy based on that.


Relevant stats compilations for journo’s and editors = doing their homework. Example: Vegan Beauty Industry Stats & Trends for 2022/3 Answer to a (burning) question. Example: solution for a problem. Example:…


A4 Guest blog posts, that are relevant and bring value to the audience of the blogs

Olena Prokhoda

Which skills & personality traits are great for link building?

Generally regarded as one of the more difficult aspects of SEO, building links is not for quitters. You’ve got to have a thick skin, be willing to iterate, fail and try again just for the occasional success.

A5: Creativity, critical thinking, writing, bridging relevancy (is that lateral thinking i dunno), recognize great content and copy – put yourself in the shoes of your link prospects and their audience, readiness to fail, humor and eye for detail.


A5 * Good at listening to others and getting their point across * Patient, but never complacent. * Able to step outside of the box and come at problems from different angles. * Long-range thinking * Part psychologist and part internet/content geek.

Olena Prokhoda

Resilience! It must be tough getting negative answers or no replies most of the time

Montse Cano

Which link building fail taught you an important lesson?

A6: Not my fail but watching bloggers demand links in their email while getting it totally Wrong about what my site is about. No you can’t guest post on Florida golf resorts on this internet marketing blog


A6: I reached out to journo’s about bacteria eating the Titanic, but my outreach email sucked and I didn’t target the right people. A couple of months later the story broke and I got 0 links. I learnt to put more effort into personalisation and targeting


A6 All amazingly awesome link building efforts can be punted in an instant, with one bad website migration. seen it – thankfully never done it.

Debi Norton

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