In case you missed it, here is a curated recap of the weekly #SEOchat on Twitter. SEO-arcade has you covered. Although these tweets are dense with information, they arrive and go so quickly that you may miss them. I’ve tried to put all of those comments and queries here. This week’s focus is on international SEO.
Montse Cano is an international digital strategy for marketing and product growth, as well as a food and chocolate enthusiast.

How would you define international SEO?

A1. It’s about optimising a fresh page that connects with potential visitors in other countries to gain more #seo traffic from your usual search engine traffic. #seochat

Lui Slauco – #SEO Synergy 1to1

A1. In one word – hreflang #seochat

Moshe Ma-yafit

A1. I´d define it as the website optimisation process to ensure your website ranks in a target market other than your usual. #SEOChat

Montse Cano

your company has decided to go international. What’s your starting point from an SEO viewpoint?

A2. Find tbe right keywords for the targeted country?

Neethi Nair

A2 Once all business and marketing objectives are aligned, competitor analysis is a must to see what opportunities there are to grab in the target markets. #SEOChat

Montse Cano

Do you use any checklists when optimising internationally?

A3. While I do have a list of aspects I look into, every situation is different, as they are target markets, verticals, cultures. So, I don´t go crazy with them. What about you? #SEOChat

Montse Cano

I LOVE A NICE CHECKLIST! Share with us your checklist! #SEOchat

Nicole Ponce

How can local SEO be useful in a international strategy?

Local signals are key to have the right visibility in any market. Local SEO can help depending on the product niche, company, etc. For example, it might not be suitable for big pharma companies #SEOChat

Montse Cano

I sincerely hope this overview was useful. If you missed the previous week’s #SEOchat, you can find it here.