A quick #seobit on the importance of leveraging offline data for your SEO effort

SEO Tools May Not Hold Your Answers, But People Might

When you’re working long enough in SEO, your first instinct when you’re tasked with optimizing a page or a site, might be for you to pop open your SEMrush, Ahrefs or a keyword forecasting tool and have it do all the heavy lifting.

However, you are missing a treasure trove of useful insights, quotes, comments and direction if you instead start a conversation with the following people:

  • Your customer support team
  • Your sales team or manager
  • Your customer
  • Your product manager (if you’re selling software)

Understand Painpoints & Sales Friction

You want to ask them about either the “pain point” that leads customers to get in touch, or the “friction” that stopped the person from becoming a customer without speaking to someone. Those two sets of data can help you revise, improve and update your product pages more

Example PainpointsExamples of “Friction”
I needed CRM software that could be licensed for a whole sales teamI didn’t understand your licenses
My toenails snag my socksI couldn’t find directions to your nail salon
My website isn’t ranking onlineI don’t understand how much you charge
I forgot my anniversary is tomorrowYou don’t have open hours on your site
My shoes are uncomfortableYou don’t have shoe sizing details on your product page.
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