TLDR: Don’t rely just on SEO Tools – Go manually review your search result pages

Tyler O’Shea, founder of the awesome sports site Joker Mag shares his valuable insights in this #SEObits video on how going BEYOND the spreadsheet helped him capture some incredible keywords that SEEMED “out of reach”. Here’s the transcript of his valuable insights:

How To Find Goldmine Opportunities In Your Keyword Research

So I wanted to talk about the importance of manual ERP analysis. I think it’s very easy for people to rely on third party tools sim rush, hfs, anything like that where you’re just purely doing keyword research there. You’re taking the keyword difficulty numbers to heart, and you’re not really digging much deeper.

I think it’s really important to manually assess each search engine result page, especially when maybe you’re seeing a misleading or inflated keyword difficulty metrics. So, for instance, with my sports website, joker Mag I’ve had multiple instances where I’ve been able to outrank higher authority sites like Bleacher Report, sites like that that, you know, conventional wisdom would say that they.

X amount of back links. They have so much authority. And these tools will tell you, you know, it’s gonna be very difficult for your site to rank. And that’s often not really the case. So I think if you dive in and you see, so say X keyword word has, you know, bleacher report in the top position, ESPN number two and then sporting news number three, you need to actually click on those results, assess the page, see if it’s really.

Search intent, see if it’s really meeting the expectations of the searcher. And if they’re not, so in a lot of cases it’s, you know an article from 2014 that’s a little outdated and ESPN’s article will be, you know, a couple paragraphs long. And they’re just there because no one else is really going after those keywords.

But if you approach it of, with an approach of, you know with proper structure, you’re thinking about the search intent. You’re completely satisfying the query and you’re fully answering the question. You’re gonna be on page one. You’re eventually gonna crack the top three. And you can’t be scared off by these high authority domains.

And you can’t be scared off by one tool. What one tool is gonna tell you because at the end of the. there. You need to take an approach of multiple data points. You need to go into Google yourself and manually assess things. You know, and not just take to heart these tools that you know, influencers and, you know, people on Twitter are pushing where, you know, it’s not always gonna be the most accurate information.

So that’s kind of my approach to find real goldmine opportunities is, through manually digging through and putting in that extra time on the search results page.

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