I recently moved my family and my SEO consulting to Cookeville, Tennessee and have been exploring the local stores and activiites. I’m a big board game nerd, so of course I checked out the local board game shop and found they were also an active game room and lounge!

Unfortunately, theirs was a WIX site that didn’t live up to the hype.

As far as layout, it wasn’t the worst, they missed some opportunities to leverage headers but actually said what they did in text on the page. But they really have missed the mark when it comes to considering their audience!

Who Is Trying To Find You Locally?

We are homeschooling our daughter, but were really suprised when we got a membership to find out they actually have a homeschooling game day…that is 100% missing from their site. In fact, they just have a irritatingly fast rotating banner that lists 3 events… one of them is from JUNE and the other two are….not actually events but more like Instagram ads.

If they took the time to think through their audience, they’d add an events tab and keep a calendar up to date so parents looking for a night out could plan their child care. Heck, they could even partner with a local babysitter and offer a “Parent’s night” that includes a qualified kid’s activity director.

The lesson for local SEO here is: Think about WHO needs your service or product, and then consider how and what they might be looking for online that can lead them to your business.

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