There’s a part of learning how to execute on search engine optimization that becomes far too wrapped up in choosing this SEO tool or that SEO tool. The reality is that you don’t NEED a tool for keyword research. They are meant to simplify, collate and gather data but if you’re learning SEO, have no budget or need to prove a concept to a CEO before they will allocate a minimal budget for helpful keyword research tools, you CAN do the job without a single paid tool or SEO SAAS.

Speak with your salespeople, read support emails, tickets, and chat logs, speak with product managers and start-ups, and speak with your founder and CEO.

Wondering what to ask?

Consider recording conversations and taking notes, if possible. Identify distinct words or phrases that stand out to better understand the needs, preferences, and best-in-class product/service choices of your clients.

  • Introduce those queries and keyphrases into Google.
  • If anything interesting appears in the Suggest form, copy and paste it, along with what appears in the People Also Ask section.
  • Include in a Google Sheet.
  • Organize your keywords and queries into groups.
  • Make headlines, then assign them to writers.

That’s it for this #Seobits, I hope you learned something new. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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