No matter what kind of small business you have, especially post-covid, your website is very likely the main way that people will find out about it.

In case you didn’t notice, people are accustomed to simply opening a browser on their phone to a search engine, typing in some words, and waiting a few seconds for results.

Heck, we’re even talking to our phones these days and getting the information we want.

If your website is clunky, slow to load, ugly on mobile and make it difficult to contact you then surprise! Your site can actually push customers away instead of making them want to learn more and you know, give you money?

Hide your contact information, or just not add it at all!

You know how websites generate revenue for service based businesses? They provide a means of connection for a site visitor to get in contact with the business.

Guess what? If you don’t have a phone number, physical address, email address or contact form then…the website really is useless.

Despite this, a SHOCKING number of websites make it a difficult game of hide-n-go-seek to find contact information.

  • Phone number, social links & email in header/nav
  • Phone number, address, email in the footer
  • Have a contact page with a form, email, address & phone number
  • Bonus points if your contact pages gives details about how to get to your business, parking details, if you have to walk up-stairs, or share a storefront. People shouldn’t WONDER if they’re at the right location.
  • Pictures of your storefront or location that help ensure people they’re where you are!

Failing to Cater to Customers With Mobile Devices

If you don’t at least have plans to make your website a mobile-friendly destination in the very near future, you’re missing out. According to recent statistics, more people access the internet on smartphones and tablets than computers.

Google is making “core web vitals” a part of the ranking evaluation process (in June?) How quickly, and how well you site performs for users will continue to have a bigger and bigger impact on your ability to appear in results.

When users discover your entire site doesn’t load on their devices or that portions of it are not set up for mobile users, they might get the impression your content is behind the times.

Having that kind of incompatible website is especially bad for your reputation if you’re involved in a technology business because the outdated website doesn’t fit with your image.

Don’t Let Users Only Find Old Contact Information

People are lazy. Seriously. They’re going to take the path of least resistance.

Do you think they want to call a customer service number, poke buttons to get through outdated phone trees to wait forever to speak to a representative just to find out a product is in stock?

Heck no! They want to know as quickly as possible that they’re available for purchase. AND YOUR WEBSITE SHOULD SAY SO. People don’t want to “find” a product on your site, just so they CAN’T order it.

People Become Fed Up By Poor Overall Functionality

Broken links, clunky drop-down menus, and slow-loading images are just some of the many problems that may make people steer clear of your website and not return to it.

Check out this perfect example of excellent marketing gone to waste due to a terrible website. #1 on Reddit, 35k+ upvotes and thousands of people looking at this Aquadam…but check out this website!


Look at the way it’s being ripped to shreds as people rightfully bash it’s terrible design and lack of function! Imaging how many people WON’T be truly considering ordering from them because they may feel that a site that terrible will have terrible delivery or product. What a waste!

Don’t be that guy.

These things won’t fix themselves. Websites left unattended and abandoned will not suddenly make you rank for more searches, gain more traffic and business from those visitors. Take some time to add contact info, fix your load speed and mobile issues, do keyword research and make sure your products and services are up-to-date!

Getting Things Right: KW Research For Small Business

You don’t approach small business SEO with the same mindset or toolset for a multi-national software company.