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Topical content creation Workflow Steps

  • Understand your audience intent
  • Understand funnels
  • Understand market/expertise/brand/legal restrictions
  • Gather initial keywords (SEO forecasts *paid, SEMrush *paid, ahrefs *paid, content analysis *free
  • Understand push/pull of volume/cpc/difficulty
  • Understand seasonality
  • Understand competitor GAP vs unique value/market proposition
  • Clean, Rate, Group and cluster
  • leverage forecasting for strategic decisions
  • Expand & find Featured Snippets/People also ask
  • Determine required topical depth (SERP competitors)
  • Determine headline
  • Curate h2s
  • 40-60 word “FS” capable answers
  • Image inclusion
  • Lists, tables, videos, quotes
  • Repeat for all viable h2s
  • Custom calls to action
  • Internal Links
  • Hub and spoke
  • Include outreach for link building & content strategy