Twitter is a never-ending “firehose of information,” with incredible “Tweet chats” and dialogues. This week’s @serpstat focus is “Let’s talk about Google and SEO.”

Darth Autocrat (Lyndon NA) is an Internet business consultant.
(SEM (SEO/PPC), CM, and SMM, together with UX, CRO, and ORM)
He also fixes things for other SEOs.

A1: I find Google Maps & Local Pack extremely useful, especially when wandering abroad

Olena Prokhoda 

Non-SEO focused … Google Drive/Docs. I honestly couldn’t function without the ability to produce text/sheets on demand, on the go, on any machine … … and working collaboratively (talking on Meet, whilst typing in a Doc etc.) is priceless!

Lyndon NA (Darth Autocrat)

Let me ask you this. Can you imagine a life without Google?

Omi Sido
What would life like be without Google?

A2: Place more than one or two ads at the top of the SERPs. I wish they’d move the bulk of them back to the right side.

Boyd Norwood –

This is gonna sound funny but, they need to stop listing 24/7 restaurants that no longer exist. Their local map information is lacking hard! Nothing more frustrating than driving to 3 different McDonalds at 3AM that say they are open and aren’t. #serpstat_chat

Joey Trend

A2 Announce product updates without indicating how much of the end result is influenced by DeepRank.

Marianne Sweeny
Google isn’t perfect.

A3: Paid Ads. They often look like organic search results for a common user #serpstat_chat

Olena Prokhoda

A3 #serpstat_chat I think the metrics change quite often and cause of the size of google that information doesn’t get updated to *everyone* cause information takes time to update and then there’s 4 more things to update by the time someone gets 1 of the 4 in their head.

Jess Joyce 

How automated everything is. I have a sneaky suspicion they have people that manually review search results and choose winners and losers based on their preference. A bold claim I know lol. #serpstat_chat

Joey Trend

A3. That they don’t track engagement metrics like CTR, dwell time, etc. They might be doing it in some other way than the normal human’s understanding, but I think they do.

Praveen Sharma
Google may not be “totally honest” (After all they removed “Don’t be evil” from their own mission statement)

Making Wikipedia their favorite website to feature in SERP features. Wikipedia can be edited by anyone and everyone. They need to focus less on 100 DA and more on actual relevance. #serpstat_chat

Joey Trend

I saw once when looking for seo experts on Google, some of the knowns names appeared plus a guy that was around in 1654, maybe #seo was around back then when the web wasn’t around. The image is on my computer with the crashed motherboard so cannot prove it

Lui Slauco – SEO 

A4 #serpstat_chat Try to emulate some other platforms in a way that is starting to feel like Facebook’s approach to cool.

Google is fallible.

Authority. Whenever I think I have it figured out they change something about it. Also, there are some cases where websites come out of nowhere and Google gives them a large amount of authority. This is why I think they have manual moderators of search results. #serpstat_chat

Joey Trend

A5: How a site’s entire corpus affects the ranking of individual pages. #serpstat_chat

Taylor Murchison

I want to know about “quality content”. Is it based on user actions, SERP behaviours, actual language/words/phrases etc.? Is it per-page, or across sections/the site? Do they look for specific “issues” that detract from a quality score?

Lyndon NA (Darth Autocrat)
Google is mysterious

A6: #SERPStat_Chat – well *not* having a beard would be a fun one lol @TaylorMurchison

Jess Joyce

#serpstat_chat A6: Q6: level of competence of the author of web page

Infosolutions Goa

Accuracy. I know – it’s not applicable for all queries/content, and that in some cases, the “truth” may vary … … but seeing a Featured Snippet that says “copper is a ferrous metal” made me angry! There are some things that are “facts”, and should be used.

Lyndon NA (Darth Autocrat)
Google can be improved.

I would change how they weigh backlinks differently. Have you ever looked in your Google Console and seen what they count as a backlink? Reddit and Pinterest posts should not be a weighted backlink lol. Nor Mailchimp email capture pages. #serpstat_chat

Joey Trend

A7: I would LOVE if each time I searched, I could get different results in a different order! As an option only!


A7: Agree with @myriamjessier here, backlinks. While PageRank is also a large part of why they won the war, it’s still way too game-able. #serpstat_chat

Taylor Murchison

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