This last week I spoke with Callum Scott, co-founder of an SEO expert collaborative agency who specialize in helping businesses capture and optimize that elusive “Knowledge Graph” entry for their business. This specialized set of specific information about your business displays typically as a “right panel” on search results, and features links to the various social profiles of a business and includes a variety of information elements that Google has gathered about your “business entity”.

Callum shares some specific first-hand steps on actually getting your brand query to show as much useful information as possible. A large part of the process is actually keeping a level head as it can take up to a year from the outset to get Google to award you with a proper knowledge graph entry, and may not happen if your brand is claimed by too many different entities!

Callum references a helpful tool in our knowledge graph that can aid in the identification of data, making it easier to understand the relationships between different data points.