Due to Elon Musk’s continued insistance in messing up Twitter’s UX and usability, he has recently decided to REMOVE the Open Graph powered Title and Description elements that helped Twitter users direct their followers to relevant content OFF the social platform.

Now when you link, it grabs JUST the image, and then puts a TIIIIINY little url in the bottom corner, removing the carefully curated title and description elements that actually helped scrolling users decide if they WANTED to click through.

For the time being, you can use a tool like Pablo by Buffer to add additional elements to an image to help re-capture those elements or add a “Click here” type element.

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Jeremy Rivera

Jeremy Rivera started in SEO in 2007, working at Advanced Access a hosting company for Realtors. He came up from the support department, where people kept asking "How do I rank in Google" and found in the process of answering that question an entire career. He became SEO product manager of Homes.com, went "in-house" at Raven Tools in Nashville in 2013. He then worked at several agencies like Caddis, 2 The Top Design as an SEO manager and then launched a 5 year freelance SEO career. During that time he consulted for large enterprise sites like Smile Direct Club, Dr. Axe, HCA, Logan's Roadhouse and Captain D's while also helping literally hundreds of small business owners get found in search results. He has authored blog posts at Authority Labs, Raven Tools, Wix, Search Engine Land. He has been a speaker at many SEO conferences like Craft Content and been interviewed in numerous SEO focused podcasts.