How much could an SEO campaign benefit your business? Here’s a specific exploration of potentially how much SEO revenue per month you could add to your bottom line with a successful SEO campaign. Here’s a step-by-step guide if you want to go more in-depth for yourself on predicting your SEO traffic potential.

Examining The SEO Potential for a Nashville Yoga Studio

Looking at the top 10 urls that rank for “Nashville Yoga Studio”, rankings co-occur for 356 overlapping relevant keywords/phrases with 81,210 monthly search volume.

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If you had a 2.5% conversion rate, and 80% of those leads signing up for $100 worth of classes, if you got just 1/2 of those keywords in the top 3 rankings you could add $15,165 of revenue to the books.

If you’re confident in offering SEO agency services that can get a yoga studio into the top 3 for around $5,000 a month, you could project a potential 300% ROI to that business owner based on just a single month’s income. Of course, SEO isn’t a turn-on/turn-off process, so if you were successful in your campaign to boost those rankings, then you could expect for the most part for that increase in monthly revenue to remain for a long time. The trade-off is that also it isn’t an instant process.

Filtering, Narrowing & Expanding Relevant Keywords

Note: A detailed review of the initial list of keywords that those top ranking URLs also ranked for include a number of brand phrases, irrelevant terms and non-sequitor results that should be filtered out in a more thorough keyword research process. You also can, with SEO arcade, start with up to 5 different “seed keywords” to capture all of the very different ways people might find your service, for example “Vinyasa yoga, stretching classes etc,”.


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