Twitter is always a “firehose of information” with fantastic “Tweet chats” and discussions. Last week @serpstat organized a topical exploration of the keyword research tactic of leveraging “Long Tail Keywords”.

Myriam is a #SEO Coach. I’ve been dubbed the “Céline Dion of SEO.”

Q1. How do you define a long tail keyword?

#SERPStat_Chat A1. Anything that contains the primary keyword (head), and 2+ “modifiers”: * qualifiers/disqualifers (mens, dogs) * descriptors (quality, material, dimension etc.) * location (London) * temporal (18thC) * brand (Nike) * Action/Intent (How to, Buy, Near me)

Lyndon NA (Darth Autocrat)

A1. Keywords containing more than 3 words that define the search internet with a bit more clarity.

Amal Ghosh
What is a longtail keyword?

A1) Long-tail keywords are unpopular phrases that users only search a few times per month. In other words, they include all the terms that live in the elongated section of the keyword graph. #serpstat_chat

Jonas Sickler

Long-tail keywords are keyword phrases rather than just one word. For example: marketing for dummies. That has 3 words in it. Oppose to for example: marketing. Long-tail phrases are easier to rank for but have less traffic. They are a good place to start!#serpstat_chat

Joey Trend

Q2. What are some of the best B2B long tail keywords? I love the B2B long tail modifiers: Checklist PDF Template

A2 What about some related to “tools”, like “seo onpage audit tool”? Sometimes we find not very competitive ones. But it takes some time to research 🙂 #serpstat_chat

Olena Prokhoda

#SERPStat_Chat A2. Depends on the market/stage, but: * Wholesale * White paper * Research * Data * Cheat sheet * Templates * Tool/calulator * Resources * Specification sheet Are all good modifiers. So are: * {brand1} compared to {brand2} * {modelX} compared to {modelY}

Lyndon NA (Darth Autocrat)
Sometimes long-tail keywords can be predictable, and useful.

A2: Blueprint, guide, help, solution. What I could come up with off the top of my head. #serpstat_chat

Joey Trend

Q3. What are some of the best content types to harness the long tail? #serpstat_chat

Content for un-sexy, boring industries. You know that FEW people will be searching for details on that waste-oil heater for your mechanics shop, so you can be sure that a SUPER specific, and specifically helpful, narrowly focused piece will win the search.

SEO Arcade

#SERPStat_Chat A3. I think that depends a lot on market. (Gaming focused searches can be very specific.) For B2B, it’s typically text, as Informational, either Instructional or Educational (how to’s and explanations)

Lyndon NA (Darth Autocrat)
What type of content syncs up best with long-tail targetting?

A3 I would say every type. Maybe I would prefer blog posts on very specific tasks or problems and listicles #serpstat_chat

Marco Giordano

A3 Ideally ones you know about. If you are a subject matter expert then you are going to know loads of stuff about a topic that others do not – and you may not realise! Mind map topics that you know about and leave it for a day before you add to it. #serpstat_chat

Simon Cox

Q4. What’s the ONE thing you wish SEO newbies would know about long tail keywords?

A4. Long tail keywords are easy to rank for—i think its one of the things a newbie should know. #serpstat_chat

Amo Maida

A4) It’s easy to cannibalize your rankings by creating content that’s too similar. Always check search intent to make sure a new piece of content deserves it’s own URL, or if it’s part of another topic. #serpstat_chat

Jonas Sickler

A4 Volumes you see in the tools really don’t matter at all. They are mostly pretty inaccurate and you might be working for a business where one sale a year brings in massive profit – target the right market. #serpstat_chat

Simon Cox 

Q5. What are some examples of websites getting it right when it comes to long tail #SEO?

A5) @HubSpot and@NerdWallet come to mind. And obviously, @tipalti performs really well in the long tail #serpstat_chat

Taylor Murchison

A5 thats a trick question – she’s just trying to get lists of our clients everyone – it’s all been leading up to this socially engineered payoff question! Don’t fall for it. #serpstat_chat

Simon Cox

I would like to see a website that creates most of its content based on long-tail phrases. It would be one huge content monster. I would congratulate their content writers for a long tedious job well done lol. #serpstat_chat

Joey Trend


I would love to hear how you plan to attack long-tail opportunities, as you create long form content for your site! We’d be happy to feature and link to any real-world examples you’d care to share!

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