Beta-Tester – Keyword report request

Provide us with your target keyword, and identify the top 10 ranking sites and pull their top 100 ranking keyword phrases. Then we’ll populate a Google Sheet with keyword volumes, CPC, potential traffic, conversions, sales & revenue from that set of relevant keywords.

  • This is where we will share our Google Sheet
  • We start our process with a single keyword target and expand from there.
  • We can pull from our DataForSEO partner’s organic search databases for more than just the US. Let us know which region you want to target. (Keep in mind that these search indexes tend to be smaller than the US dataset)
  • How many visitors do you need before they submit a form, make a call or buy a product? We will multiply the estimated traffic for the relevant keywords we uncover by your conversion rate to estimate your potential conversions.
  • If your site doesn’t do direct eCommerce, then when you “convert” visitors, they actually just become “leads”. Leads are NOT sales. To get the number of sales, you need to multiply your conversions(Leads) by a “sales close” rate, reflecting how many leads your sales team, call center, or front desk need to receive before they make an actual sale.
  • How much revenue per sale do you generate?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.