I came across a pattern of several SEO experts this morning posting about quick and easy wins that are popular right now at the end summer of 2022. I thought I’d share them, and add my own quick list. (Note where these lists overlap!)

-Utilizing FAQ Schema

-Auditing Internal Linking

-Optimizing Title Tags

-Researching + Building Out Topical Clusters

-Optimizing Highest Traffic Pages Load Time

-Building Missing Foundational Links (Social Profiles, Citations, etc.)

Charles Floate: SEO Consultant

1. Use only 1 H1 tag per page.
2. Focus on readability
3. Add your main keyword
4. Optimized images
5. Share valuable content

Dylan Timoff: Web Design & Marketing Consultant

1. Improve page loading speed

2. Break up content with H2/H3 tags

3. Ensure good readability

4. Optimize your images

5. Focus on delivering value

Adam Crooke: SEO Content Writing Subscription Service

Utilize sourced expert content as block quotes.
Generate unique “quote graphics” and use unique images, create and/or embed relevant videos and audio;
Add tabular content to your page.

If you add FAQ type content, be sure to generate an FAQ schema for the page.
Write content that isn’t boring

Jeremy Rivera: SEO Forecasting Saas Founder

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Waiting for SEO wind late 2022

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